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About newcomer-germany.com

We started this project because we believe that there is a lot of good music and there are a lot of extraordinary artists who don't reach their audiences well enough. We are constantly looking for new artists and projects that we think have a great potential and present them with their music, a short portrait and links to their releases. Our service is provided on a voluntary basis and is 100% free.

Every day we receive numerous emails with links to artist profiles or links to Spotify. A big part of our job is sorting the requests by music style and quality. Listening to everything carefully is a very time-consuming job. Most of the suggestions are top produced and musically of high quality.

Unfortunately, there are also very often poorly produced demos that we can't do anything with. Therefore we ask again not to send in any unfinished demos or links to unfinished demos, please forgive us.

On the one hand, we get inquiries from artists. On the other hand, we get inquiries from labels and music publishers who are interested in various musicians, we feature on our site.

And that's exactly what it's all about:

Bringing the artists into the market and into the ears of their audience!

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