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In addition to experienced producers from the fields of pop music, EDM and hip-hop, our team also includes classically trained musicians who have acquired diplomas or masters from various international music schools. What connects the professionals and the autodidacts in our team is of course the passion for music. Our basis is also the feeling for that certain something, coupled with a penchant for perfectionism.

If we like an artist or project, but there are still deficits in terms of production quality of their releases, we are ready to lend a helping hand. We know which screws to turn to deliver a professional result that can be heard internationally.

We are based in Dresden and Berlin, where most of the recordings take place.

Nevertheless, we are interested in constantly expanding our network, which already includes studios and producers in Austria, Spain and England. Especially in times of Covid it is easier to realize a recording where the artists are based.

If you are a producer and studio owner within the EU, please feel free to contact us.